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Hello, Everyone! ^_^

Yeah! I updated my member list! :D
I imitated the design of the Konoha (Hidden Leaf village) member list and made it! ;)
Yes! It's a Joke! LoL

I'm said to resemble Karin!
And, I like Karin.
So, I used the image of Karin as my proxy again! ^_^

Yeah! I made the member list of Mitsuki, too! ;)

About Me
Name : Saran
Sex : Female
Constellation : Pisces
Blood type : O
Hobby : Orochimaru & Mitsuki Collection
Peculiarity : Crazy for Orochimaru

Favorite person : Orochimaru & Mitsuki
Favorite things : Sleep
Favorite animal : Snake
Favorite food : Egg, Chocolate, Cheese
Favorite Anime/ Manga : NARUTO

About Orochimaru
"I love all of Orochimru!"

About Mitsuki
"So CUTE!"


Curator: Saran
Gallery Created: 6/22/2011
Hits: 41491
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